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Westport, CT 06880
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About Us

Phil & Tom Ice Cream was established in 2001.  It started when Phil was in high school and drove the truck for a local ice cream distributor.  After one year of driving for them, they were closing their business and selling their fleet of Vintage Good Humor trucks.

By then Tom was driving and we decided to buy one of the trucks and form a company, that we could run and operate out of our Westport home.

We decided to focus on parties and private events due to the difficulty in driving around neighborhoods ringing the bells, and discovering that the bells were not being heard from the air conditioned homes and homes that were sitting far back from the road.

We began putting ads in the local newspaper every week, distributing flyers and putting up flyers with pull off tags in local businesses around Westport, Norwalk, Weston & Fairfield.

Phil & Tom Ice Cream was born.

Our truck is a 1965 Ford F250 Vintage Good Humor Truck.  We carry all the Good Humor classic ice creams and the full line of Popsicle products.

When we arrive at our parties & events, ringing our bells, the guests can hear that and they come running.  We put out our product boards that show all the ice creams that are available.

We have done many types of parties: weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, anniversaries, pool, graduation, confirmation, good-bye parties, real estate open houses, corporate summer parties, last day of school parties, clambakes, & many more.

We are open for business May thru September.  You can reach us either by email or telephone.

Check us out our Facebook page and also our Pinterest site.

The truck was fully restored to its original beauty in 2011.  We are quite proud of the way that it turned out and you can see the process on our Pinterest site.

Phil is currently not involved with the truck.  He worked and ran the truck for 12 years with his brother Tom.

Phil is now a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.  He is studying to be a pilot down at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida.

He also got married last December to the wonderful, Erin Gallogly.

Tom works on the truck as much as he can, but he is employed full time at Bridgeport Hospital working as a nurse in the Medical Intensive Care Unit.

Joanne, their Mom, is doing this so we can keep the Phil & Tom Ice Cream truck on the roads and keep serving our wonderful customers of Fairfield & Westchester Counties.



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